Top 10 Must Visit Places in Dubai | Dubai Travel Guide 2018

Apart from being one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, With thousands of hundreds of tourists visiting every year, DUBAI needs no Introduction.There are many best places to visit in Dubai because Dubai is the fourth most visited place in the world that is famous for the high-rising Buildings and their best Shopping Malls.Dubai is also the United Arab Emirates' holiday hot spot, Large number of workers came from the different countries can spend their holiday's at Dubai.
For those planning a trip in the DUBAI , I have prepared the list for Gorgeous Places to Visit and Things to do in Dubai.

1-Burj Khalifa 
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Among the various places to visit in Dubai, Burj Khalifa is the best one.It is One of the most popular tourist attractions.Burj Khalifa has been the tallest structure in the world since 2008.Over 2 million people visit the Burj Khalifa every year, making their way to the highest observatory in the world.Burj Khalifa initially known as Burj Dubai before 2010. It has 57 elevators and 8 escalators.
The views across the city from this Building are simply outstanding, But The staggering bird eye views from the 124th floor are my best experience of a lifetime.Burj Khalifa is also called heart of Dubai and can be seen from almost anywhere in the city.I personally says that the trip of Dubai is incomplete without visiting Burj Khalifa.

2-Burj Al Arab
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Why not spend your holiday with the world of comfort and luxury at the Burj Al Arab, the third tallest tower in the world standing 321 meters high on its own artificial island on the Dubai coastline is simply gorgeous.With the world class hotels and the most expensive ‘7-star hotel’ Burj Al Arab regarded as the most luxurious hotel in the world.Going for boat trips or jet ski tours in the waters around the Burj Al Arab Explores the beauty of this luxury hotel.
Nighttime visits are particularly popular as Burj Al Arab is beautifully lit up in the evening by lighting and offers an outstanding experience of exploring the Dubai attractions.One of the best ways to experience the beauty of Burj Al Arab is by going for a dinner.Burj Al Arab is a landmark that you should check out on your visit to Dubai.

3-Dubai Aquarium
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Have you ever seen underwater zoo ? maybe you not, But Yes, one exists! Visit Dubai Aquarium.This tourist attraction is featured to be the largest aquarium in the world and it is one of the popular tourist attractions in Dubai .There are numerous aquatic species in this aquarium with over 140 various species.The underwater zoo has a large number of sand tiger sharks and many other endangered species.
Dubai Aquarium even offers you a membership card which gives you a special discount on entry ticket.As well as free viewing from the mall, if you enter the Underwater Zoo, you can witness 48-meter long walk-through tunnel.It Would create a Memorable experience, so be sure to have some fun.

4-Dubai Fountain
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The world’s tallest, most stunning water and music spectacles in the world.Dubai Fountain offers an outstanding show of choreographed water.The fountain performs on different songs and on different rhythms.This Fountain is also performing colourful water jets off to a couple of Arabian and English music.The show takes place every 30 minutes from 6:00 PM.
Dubai Fountain Offers a free access and front row view.This Fountain is probably Dubai’s top tourist attractions and attracts thousands of tourists every evening.It is definitely going to be an unforgettable experience you simply cannot miss while you are in Dubai.

5-Dubai Creek
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Dubai makes it one of the most romantic tourist places in Dubai.Creek is quite a traditional way of experiencing Dubai.Tourists could take a boat to view the port on the other side and to explore one of the popular tourist attractions in Dubai.
You can visit Dubai Creek, watching cargo being loaded and unloaded, To travel across the creek, you can either take a trip on one of the many dhows that have been restored as tourist cruise boats.Dubai Creek will allow you to see landmarks such as and the Rolex Twin Towers, Dubai Chamber of Commerce, Emirates N.B.D. Headquarters and many others

6-Jumeirah Beach
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Beaches in Dubai have attracted tourists from all over the world because of the most beautiful stretches of sand in Dubai.This Beach is the number one beach destination for Dubai visitors.The Jumeirah Beach is particularly famous for its white sands. Jumeirah Beach provides just the perfect location to take a photograph with the luxury hotel [Burj al Arab] in the background.Attractions here are at its best, with some water-sports activities like jet skiing, water skiing and paragliding.The beach has excellent facilities, with plenty of sun loungers, restaurants.
It has a nice ambience for family and is ideal for picnics where you will find a string of cafes, desert gardens, barbeques, palm trees, children’s parks etc.Jumeirah Beach promises you a Lovely evening for your ideal tropical holiday.

7-Dubai Mall
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Dubai Mall regarded as one of the most famous and luxury mall of Dubai.Dubai Mall is a place that attracts a major tourist crowd.Inside it, there are more than 1200 shops and declares the largest mall in the world with respect to total area. The eating and shopping is endless, with international big brands like Armani, Chanel, Burberry and others.
There are also special events such as live music and fashion shows within the mall.It has more than 20 movie screens, 10 cafes and restaurants which provide delicious dishes and various cuisines.Dubai Mall has also over 14,000 car parking spaces, and because of these best features Dubai has received more than 5 awards.I suggest, you should check out this Gorgeous Mall on your visit to Dubai.

8-Dubai Museum 
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Dubai's best museum is housed in the Al-Fahidi Fort.Al Fahidi Fort is probably one of the must visit destinations in Dubai.This place replete with historical significance, It was started in 1971.The Al Faidi fort is the most important part of the museum.The right-hand hall features weaponry, and the left-hand hall is full of Emirati musical instruments.The courtyard filled with several traditional boats.One room inside the museum is full of old maps of Dubai.
The reason to include Dubai Museum in the list of must visit places is that, you will learn about the history of Dubai from being a tiny deserted fishing village to becoming one of the luxury states.

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You may find a many others tourist places in Dubai but one most popular shrine in Dubai is none other than the Grand Mosque.Jumeirah Mosque is considered as one of the most beautiful of Dubai's mosques.The only Mosque in Dubai that has opened its doors to non-muslim faith.Jumeirah Mosque is the best example of Islamic architecture.Visitors can come to the Jumeirah Mosque six days a week.The real beauty of the place can be seen at night as It is particularly attractive in the evening when lit with floodlights.The Jumeirah Mosque is made completely out of white stone, This stone structure is built in the medieval Fatimid tradition, with two minarets.
Tours begin at 10am daily, except Fridays, and are required to dress modestly. Women need to wear a headscarf while visiting the mosque.You should visit this place at once.

10-Dubai Opera
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Dubai Opera is the city's major cultural hub and main entertainment venue.Your Dubai trip will be incomplete without visiting this Gorgeous place located in downtown Dubai.The city of Dubai is not short of entertainment, but one popular tourist attraction that can’t be missed is the Dubai Opera.Dubai Opera is the place where you can find their opera shows, ballet, comedy nights, concerts classical instrument, melodic theater, drama, family appears and a full scope of live excitement. Find various plays performed in the different musical theater simply cannot miss while you are in Dubai.

So these are Our 10 best Places to visit in Dubai, and we hope you like these places - Thanks

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